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Marko Dasigenis, AIA


Marko Dasigenis has extensive experience in design and construction of high-rise buildings around the world and serves as the Principal of PJMD Architects. After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1983 with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, he moved to New York City and begun his career at the offices of Welton Becket where he first got exposed to large scale mixed-mixed use projects.


He joined the New York office of Philip Johnson in 1988, as a designer focusing on high-rise structures. Under the guidance of Philip Johnson, he honed his architectural skills and experimented in the design of different and unique forms on buildings in the East Coast. Such projects included International Place, a 2 million SF office and retail development in the heart of Boston's central business area. In 1993 he moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he spent four years overseeing the construction of skyscrapers and large scale mixed-use developments. Such projects included the 58 story, five star Guoman Hotel and Condominium Tower, and Damansara Center, a 6 million square foot urban development.


He returned to Houston in 1997 and opened his own architectural studio, focusing on commercial and high density residential projects until his firm was joined with Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects in 2010 to form the Houston PJAR office. in 2019 Marko separated from PJAR and formed PJMD Architects.


In 2012, along with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, spearheaded an effort to restore the Sculpture Gallery at the Philip Johnson Glass House in New Canaan, CT. 

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